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30 ottobre 2015

The Residency Visa

residency visa



The residency visa (so called visto per residenza elettiva) allows some categories of individuals to access to Italy.

It is a good opportunity to move to Italy to reside permanently for:

– retired people;

– businessman;

– people with financial resources.

In this latter case, please note that the financial resources have to be related to the ownership of good sources of incomes (pensions, annuities, etc), ownership of real estate, ownership of economic activity or from other sources than subordinate work.

This visa does not allow the applicant to work.

Our Firm has successfully submitted some visa application on behalf of citizens from China, Russia and South America: in these country it is often easy to demonstrate an annual income of € 31.000,00 per year, which is the amount of money required by the Italian law.

If you think you have the requirements to apply for the residency visa, please contact us to our email address or call us to following telephone number +39 06 45678196. We can provide legal assistance in english, spanish and french.

Avv. Marcello Padovani


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