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13 febbraio 2014

Lettera di incarico professionale – Engagement Letter

Presentiamo un modello di lettera di incarico professionale redatto in modo semplificato e per operazioni poco complesse.
JusDem Studio Legale è a disposizione per modelli adatti alle singole esigenze di ogni tipo di professionista o di operatore.
Tale modello è utile per disciplinare adeguatamente il rapporto professionale anche e soprattutto alla luce dei recenti interventi legislativi volti a liberalizzare il rapporto contrattuale tra cliente e professionista, prevendendo una serie di accordi e di obblighi tesi a tutelare al meglio entrambe le parti.
Si ricorda che vi è ampia libertà di disciplinare il suddetto rapporto, sempre nel rispetto delle norme imperative del codice civile, della legislazione antiriciclaggio e delle norme deontologiche.
Elementi che noi riteniamo “essenziali” del presente contratto e che noi suggeriamo di disciplinare e menzionare in ogni caso sono:
1) le parti;
2) l’oggetto dell’incarico;
3) il compenso;
4) le norme di rinvio.

Avv. Flavia Volpi
Avv. Marcello Padovani
[luogo], [data]
[name] s.p.a
[*], [n°]
[*] – [*]
Dear Sirs,
Following our conversation with [inserire la persona di riferimento], we are writing to you to confirm that we shall be pleased to assist [nome della società] (the “Company”) in connection with [inserire di cosa tratta l’operazione] (the “Matter”).
The terms of our engagement on the Matter will be governed by this letter (the “Letter”), subject to any amendments which we may from time to time agree with you in writing.
1. Our Team
1.1 (i) [nome componente].
(ii) [nome componente].
1.2 In addition to those listed under point 1.1, we may involve other partners, external counsels, associates, trainees and paralegals, if and when required.
2. Fees
2.1 With a view to establishing a relationship of professional assistance with the Company, for the entire Matter we proposed a reduced fixed fee of [*] ([*] /00).
2. 5 In addition, to the fees indicated at the point 2. 1 we will charge (a) Vat (22{c50d788fd990179dc6a2939c5c60c88fb83b5aea826e8c88c40e1f09bc9031b5}); (b) lawyers’ social security contributions (4{c50d788fd990179dc6a2939c5c60c88fb83b5aea826e8c88c40e1f09bc9031b5}); (c) reimbursement of general expenses (12,5{c50d788fd990179dc6a2939c5c60c88fb83b5aea826e8c88c40e1f09bc9031b5} pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 585 dated 05.10.1994, as recently amended); and (d) possible out-of-pocket disbursements and travel expenses.
3. Duration
Our engagement will last until [inserire durata], without prejudice to the survival of the payment’s obligation of any fees still owed.
4. Indemnify
We ask you to keep us, together with all the professionals of our Firm or other professionals involved with us, hold harmless and indemnify against all expenses, costs, damages, obligations or liabilities (including legal fees) that the professionals of the Firm or other professionals involved with us (they both external and internal to our study) have to support and / or incur and which were drawn from, or are otherwise connected with, legal or other disputes claims of any kind to third parties in relation to ‘ completion of this engagement. The responsibility for the performance of activities and not a result of this engagement, also because of the particular complexity, it is limited to the cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.
5. Law and jurisdiction
This relationship is governed exclusively by Italian law and any disputes shall be exclusively in the Italian jurisdiction.
We remain at your complete disposal for any further information you may need or clarification you may require.
We very much look forward to working with you.
Kind regards,
Avv. [nome]



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